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Over the last few years, many hours have been spent reflecting upon my experiences in life and how they have shaped me. I have learnt a lot about myself as a person; my strengths, my weaknesses and more importantly, what makes me happy. This last year has been a profound time for change, exponential growth and more recently, an overwhelming acceptance of myself.

This journey, however, is not over – it has only just begun. I want to learn, relearn, and learn some more. I am committed to a life-long exploration of self, this world and everything in it.

“Those who think they know everything, learn nothing” McDonald.

This blog is an outlet for this journey. I have established 7 core values that I will endeavour to live my life by and this blog will focus on topics aligned with each value. My core values are a way to establish a solid foundation by which to build my life upon.

My core values are summarised, as follows:

  • Creativity: invest time and energy into my creative pursuits and dreams, as well as encouraging creativity within my relationships.
  • Humility: never presume that I am right; remain open to improvement and constructive criticism. “Those who keep their minds open to new concepts – those whose cups are always empty – will always move to higher levels of achievement and fulfilment” Sharma.
  • Authenticity: stay true to myself, my values and my beliefs. Maintain my boundaries and remain genuine and honest, regardless of the circumstances.
  • Freedom: do not buy into a life based upon material possessions; maintain a level of financial freedom to allow frequent travel. Always nurture the desire to explore the world while freeing yourself and others of expectations.
  • Courage: have the perseverance and determination to see commitments through to the end. Nourish the resolve to persist through hard times, and a refusal to give up. Have the courage to succeed and more importantly, to fail and keep going.
  • Responsibility: understand that I am responsible for my behaviour and emotions. I cannot control the event, but I can control my response, and therefore I can control the outcome. Event + Response = Outcome.
  • Compassion: demonstrate a commitment to love and loyalty. Prioritising time with friends and family, and actively acknowledging the value of others in my life. Resist from judging those I do not understand and commit to treating myself and others with kindness and respect.

Each of the blog topics featured on A Life Remastered are aligned with these core values. I have by no means perfected these values but I am making a conscious effort each day to incorporate them into everything I do. This blog will encourage me to remain proactive as well as encourage an evolution of the self.

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Quote by Sharma: Recommended read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin S. Sharma.